Can we make bullying at work illegal in the UK? Sign the petition, share it and then we might know

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Established to continue the late Tim Field's vision of a world free from bullying, the Tim Field Foundation is committed to working for a world free of bullying, through activities, research and projects that validate, empower and inspire targets, perpetrators, apologists and witnesses of bullying to make enlightened choices.

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Who's this for?

This is a forum for people who are conscious of the phenomenon of workplace bullying and who would like to do something to prevent it on a wider scale, and to create better means of helping people who are or have been bullied at work. It is not a forum for discussing and trying to resolve personal issues. There are other forums for this purpose including This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

It is hoped that the Tim Field Foundation will appeal to people who have previously been targeted, and who are now free to do something to try and stop it happening to somebody else. People in that position usually have gained insight into the phenomenon.

The aim is to have a professional and effective group of dignified people, of whom the world will take notice. If you would like to be part of that group, please register your interest by using the "register" link at the bottom of the login window on the right. The information you provide at initial registration will help us to form a picture of what is possible.This website is by no means finished, but will develop continuously with your help. Please don't let it's shortness put you off!

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